Thursday 21 March 2019, Central London


Mike Haley, Chief Executive, Cifas

Mike has 30 years’ experience of tackling and preventing fraud across the public, private and not for profit sectors, including considerable experience directing investigations, as well as developing prevention and detection strategies. With a Master’s Degree in Criminology, he has led investigative teams in the NHS, Ministry of Defence, Office of Fair Trading, HM Revenue & Customs and Solicitors Regulation Authority. He also worked at the National Fraud Authority directing cross sector fraud prevention strategies including on mortgage fraud and identity crime. He joined Cifas as Deputy Chief Executive in May 2015 and takes over as Chief Executive in May 2018.

Twitter: @Cifas_UK

Donald Toon, Director, Prosperity, National Crime Agency

Donald is the Director, Prosperity in the National Crime Agency, responsible for leading and coordinating the UK’s enforcement response to a range of criminality, including money laundering, international corruption, fraud and cyber crime.

Donald joined HM Customs & Excise in 1991, where he held a number of policy, strategy and leadership roles in anti-smuggling, project management, counter-drugs enforcement and criminal finances. He moved into operational law enforcement in 2002 as the head of Customs’ criminal investigation capability across Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland; overseeing complex criminal investigations into international smuggling and major revenue fraud. After the creation of HM Revenue & Customs, Donald was appointed as the Central Compliance Director, leading the development and delivery of the department’s approach to improving compliance and targeting attempted fraud. In early 2011, Donald was appointed as HMRC’s Director of Criminal Investigation, where he led the delivery of a five-fold increase in prosecutions for tax fraud. In 2014, he was appointed as the Director, Economic Crime Command in the NCA.

Before joining the Civil Service, Donald spent the first ten years of his career as an officer in the Royal Navy, serving in destroyers, frigates and patrol ships. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Imperial College, London and a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Science and Management from The City University, London.

Dr Branislav Hock, Lecturer in Counter Fraud Studies, University of Portsmouth

Dr Branislav Hock is a lecturer in Counter Fraud Studies at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. He is also a member of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), an interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence, studying the governance of economic activity. Prior to this Branislav worked as a researcher at TILEC, where he completed PhD. His PhD provides a new framework for evaluating the effectiveness of international anti-corruption legislation and its extraterritorial enforcement. In addition to this, Branislav has been involved in a broad range of research activities, many have been related to Transnational Economic Crime, Anti-Corruption, and Compliance. Branislav has been active in practice. He is attached to a law firm where he is supervising and advising on various compliance issues. In addition to that, he is a member of the Anti-Corruption Coordination Council of the Czech Government. Branislav was also involved in various other projects: for example, he worked in the Private Office of the Dutch Member of the European Court of Auditors on a performance audit measuring the effectiveness of public procurement of European Union Institutions.

Rachael Tiffen, Senior Manager Fraud and Financial Crime at Grant Thornton

Rachael was Head of Audit and Counter Fraud in 3 London Boroughs. At the National Fraud Authority, Home Office in 2010 as Head of Public Sector Fraud she researched and drafted the first local government counter fraud strategy Fighting Fraud Locally ( FFL) and created pilot data hubs using partnerships. In 2013 she joined the MoD as manager of the Fraud Defence Unit. In 2014 she created the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre - creating qualifications and services, drafting the second FFCL Strategy .Whilst here she created a consortium of data partners leading the team to win the contract for the London Counter Fraud Hub. Rachael is a well-known speaker and author on counter fraud and corruption, sitting on a number of industry Boards. She is the Independent Person for Standards and Ethics at the LB Tower Hamlets. In 2017 she won the Stella Walsh Award “Lifetime Achievement in Countering Fraud”.

Paul Davies, Commercial Agreement Lead, CCS

Paul has 15+ years experience in delivering global audits for businesses, identifying financial errors from procurement chains and historical supplier transactions and identifying flaws and risk in supply chains and payment processes.

Paul’s experience includes: Cost Assurance – end-to-end coverage of source to end billing underpinned by detailed KPI analysis, error management and invoice validation resulting in significant cost savings. Risk Management and Internal Audit – Developed and delivered comprehensive audit plan using a value based approach. Conducted numerous financial, regulatory,

operational, billing and IT reviews across various business units, which led to cost efficiencies, revenue and cost protection and process enhancements. Implementation of new strategies and methodologies – assessing new initiatives and projects in multiple organisations, which created opportunities to maximise revenue and reduce costs. Collaboration – an extension of the customers internal teams, supporting finance, procurement and IT, sharing best practice to create real value for the business.

Twitter: @gov_procurement

Alan Bryce, Head of Development & Operational intelligence, Charity Commission for England & Wales

Alan is Head of Development and Operational Intelligence at the Charity Commission. That role includes a responsibility for working in partnership with charities and key stakeholders to develop the capability and capacity of the sector to tackle fraud.

Alan is the former Head of Counter Fraud at the Audit Commission. In that role he was responsible for the development and delivery of the award winning series of reports on fraud in English local government, called Protecting the Public Purse. He is also the former chair of The European Institute for Combatting Corruption And Fraud.

Alan has an MSc in Counter Fraud & Counter Corruption from the University of Portsmouth. His academic thesis on the Nature and Extent of Social Housing Fraud was the first academic paper on the issue published in the UK. Alan is a founder member, and honourary committee member, of the Tenancy Fraud Forum.

Alan is a CPFA accredited investigator, formerly both a CPFA qualified auditor and police officer.

Twitter: @ChtyCommission

Mick Hopkins, Senior Investigation Officer/Project Manager, Oxford City Council

Mick has worked in the Fraud Arena for over 30 years. This has been mainly with Local Authorities, but he started his career in Central Government. More recently working in the technology sector developing smart data analytics solutions and in the Gambling sector where he deal with fraud, organised crime and money laundering in an international on-line environment.

Mick is Senior Investigation Officer /Project Manager at Oxford City Council and leads on fraud risk assessment and the development of a data-matching service. His experience from the business sector is helping with the aims and ambitions of Oxford Investigation Services around innovation.

Mick has represented Local Authorities at the LGA and on the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board. He established a national CPD scheme and a set of Professional Standards and is currently part of the Cabinet Office Cross Sector Advisory Group.

Neal Barcoe Head of Fraud & Corruption, Strategic Centre for Organised Crime, Home Office

Neal Barcoe has headed up the fraud and corruption policy teams in the Home Office for the last four years. He now leads on delivery of the economic crime reform programme, announced by the Home Secretary in December.

Neal was instrumental in establishing and delivering the Joint Fraud Taskforce – a public private partnership between government, law enforcement and industry to deliver innovative approaches to better protect individuals and businesses from non-fiscal fraud, one of the most prevalent crimes in the country.

Prior to joining the Home Office, Neal spent several years as a Senior Strategy Advisor in the Department for Education where he advised Ministers on the full range of early years and education policy.