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Cabinet Office National Fraud Initiative (NFI)

The Cabinet Office National Fraud Initiative (NFI) in partnership with Synectics Solutions is highly successful at matching an extensive range of data from almost 1,300 participating organisations across the UK to help prevent fraud. Over the years it has enabled participants to identify fraud and over-payments totalling in excess of £1.39 billion. The 2016 National Fraud Initiative Report, published in November this year, found over £222 million of fraud identified.

The NFI is proud to provide AppCheck, the leading fraud prevention and application verification solution powered by the intelligence gathered as part of the NFI national exercise. AppCheck allows your organisation to actively check individuals in real-time to highlight potentially fraudulent applications, while supporting the confirmation of genuine customers and providing a robust frontline defence strategy.

Contact: Nathan Nash, NFI Programme Specialist, Fraud, Error and Debt Team

Email: nathan.nash@cabinetoffice.gov.uk  

Call: 07977 340550