Wednesday 18 September 2019, Central London


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Fraud and error


Fraud and error is a constant threat, with public sector fraud losses estimated to be over £40 billion. The 2019 Fighting Fraud and Eliminating Error in the Public Sector Summit will take a look at the latest commitments, strategies and technologies used to detect, prevent and tackle fraud: ensuring taxpayers’ money is spent on delivering essential public services to those who really need it.

Key points for 2019 include:

  • Sharing, protecting and analysing data successfully
  • Innovation in fighting public sector fraud
  • The Government Counter Fraud Profession: transforming public sector counter fraud activity
  • Next steps for the National Fraud Initiative
  • New approaches to identifying fraudsters

Who attends?

  • Audit Managers
  • Directors of Information Security
  • Directors of Risk and Audit
  • Directors of Security
  • Head of Business Crime
  • Heads of Corporate Security
  • Heads of Counter Fraud
  • Heads of Cyber Security
  • Heads of Governance
  • Heads of Grants
  • Heads of Procurement
  • Heads of Revenues and Benefit
  • Heads of Security Solutions
  • Heads of Investigations


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